If you were sanctioned to Restorative Justice through Student Conduct or referred through Student Legal Services, click HERE to set up your RJ appointment.   

If you are interested in becoming a Community Member, click HERE to fill out the interest form.

If you were referred to RJ through the Office of Title IX, more information can be found around Restorative Resolutions HERE. 

If you have a situation that you'd like to explore Restorative Justice with, but are not sure if it applies,  please email to set up an RJ Consult Meeting

Restorative Practices aim to build community through dialogue and difference so that, when harms are done to the community, the responsible party can be held accountable for their actions and work towards repairing harm and meeting the needs expressed by those impacted. 

CSU RJ Services:  

Restorative Justice Conference: 

A Restorative Justice Conference brings together Responsible Parties, Impacted Parties, and (if all parties agree) members of the Community to discuss an incident, the impacts from the incident, and what needs to be done to meet the needs of those who were impacted by the incident.  Participation is voluntary and there will be at least one meeting with the Restorative Justice Program Manager before the conference to ensure you understand and feel confident participating in the process.  

Community Building Circles:

A Community Building Circle is a chance for a group of people to come together and establish or continue healthy communication methods as well as collaborate on how to meet and reach goals and grow together These can be appropriate for organizations, smaller living communities, or staffs. 

Community Member Program: 

CSU RJ Community Members are volunteers from the Fort Collins and CSU Community who are interested in and committed to promoting Restorative Processes.  These individuals often participate in Restorative Justice Conferences and are also invited to workshops and community-building opportunities around Restorative Processes.  Community Member training is offered each semester.  


"RJ was instrumental in saving my career and helping repair the damage done to the community." 
"I felt like I was listened to and it was good to hear the other side's perspective." 
"Very thankful our school has such a program."
"It was excellent to get to speak to all parties involved and get their perspective.  
COVID-19 Update: Restorative Justice (RJ) processes are currently being held virtually including intake, pre-conferencing, and conferencing. More information about our virtual platform can be found to the right in this slide presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Restorative Justice