Conflict happens all the time, whether it is that little thing your roommate does to annoy you or the quarrel you might’ve had with a coworker.

Knowing how to handle such conflict is quite important, and even more important to learn while you can as a student.

Our Conflict Coaching service does just that. It helps you learn how to react to a possible or ongoing conflict in a constructive way.

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Why would you use Conflict Coaching?
Conflict Coaching is Empowering
As a voluntary service, we strive to assist you when a conflict arises. The Conflict Resolution provides a neutral and constructive perspective when helping you.
Conflict Coaching is Free!
Well… Technically we are funded by student fees, which means that you’ve already paid for this service! Take advantage of this and schedule an appointment today
Conflict Coaching is Confidential

We won’t tell your boss or the University about what your personal conflict is, this service is confidential. (Unless we need to report it) But we still strive to keep your records confidential.

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