Conflict Resolution Services offers a series of workshops and training to help your team, organization, or group learn tangible skills in conflict management. The presentations offered incorporate small and large group discussions and are very dialogue focused.
Conflict Resolution Skills
Conflict Resolution Services can present on a variety of basic conflict resolution topics, including talking circles, an introduction to mediation, understanding the cycle of conflict, and navigating conflict in the workplace. These topics can be customized to the needs of the organization.
Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP)
The CDP measures behaviors in conflict which allows for the opportunity for self-reflection about responses to conflict and suggestions for improvement. Groups on campus such as student organizations or staff teams can take the CDP and review their results to evaluate trends within the larger group related to constructive and destructive conflict behaviors, as well as hot buttons.
Conflict De-Escalation
Participants will learn about de-escalation tactics as well as the resources available within the Student Resolution Center to assist members in the University community when interactive with escalated or disruptive behavior.
Customized Trainings
Conflict Resolution Staff offer customized training options for a variety of CSU groups including student organizations, faculty and staff departments, athletics, fraternity and sorority life, and more.

For training requests, please contact: 

Ashlyn Friend 
Phone: (970) 491-7165