Nobody likes to be part of conflict, it’s usually a lose/lose situation. Though, in a conflict, sometimes everyone agrees to do something, but knowing what to do can be challenging. This is where mediation comes into place.

Mediation allows everyone involved to come together and talk about their needs while one of our Conflict Resolution professionals helps facilitate a constructive conversation and provides different options. The best outcomes can come when there is a mutual effort; nonetheless, conflict resolution will help everyone when an unmediated conversation wouldn’t bring results.

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Why would you use our Mediation service?
Mediation is a Safe Space
As a voluntary meeting, everyone should be ready to listen to each other with an open mind
Mediation is Neutral
Mediators serve as professionals serve as neutral third parties.
Mediation is Free!
Well… Technically we are funded by student fees, which means that you’ve already paid for this service! Take advantage of this and schedule an appointment today

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