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The Student Resolution Center encourages students to gain awareness, knowledge, skills, and opportunities as they navigate challenges and make informed decisions. We promote safe, respectful and inclusive communities by valuing integrity, perspective-taking and personal responsibility.
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Conflict Resolution

You may run into any number of conflicts as a part of your student experience. Conflict Resolution Services is here to help you find solutions through a neutral, voluntary, confidential and respectful process.

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Student Conduct

We care about you and want to help you overcome mistakes. We also care about fostering a safe and welcoming community for you and those around you. Our conduct process is fair and respectful, and we welcome you to share your perspective before we make any disciplinary decisions.

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Our workshops

Our Workshops are designed to help students develop various skills and civic responsibility in order to support their success at CSU. If you have been assigned a workshop, please click the link above to sign up.

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