Student Conduct Services at the Student Resolution Center maintains student conduct records in keeping with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1972 (FERPA), subsequent amendments, and implementation guidelines. These records are maintained for seven years from the end of the academic year of the last decision that includes a finding of responsibility. All disciplinary records are destroyed after this period, except in cases of expulsion. However, if a student is involved in litigation with the University, or the record is undergoing official review or audit, the record may be kept indefinitely while maintaining compliance with FERPA.

Information regarding a student’s disciplinary record is available to University officials with a legitimate educational interest. Disclosure of disciplinary records to anyone else generally requires a written release from the student, except in the case of a court order or legal process, or as otherwise permitted or allowed under FERPA in the discretion of the University.

Release of Information Form

Notations of disciplinary action on the student’s official transcript will be made only by Student Conduct Services. Disciplinary expulsion will be permanently noted on the official transcript and cannot be removed. Disciplinary suspension is noted on the official transcript during the period of suspension. If any additional sanctions are not completed, the student may submit a request to the Director or designee for removal of the notation after the designated period of suspension. If the Director denies the request for the removal of the transcript notation, a written request can be submitted to the Dean of Students for review and a final decision.

Should a student want a copy of their student conduct record, a request must be submitted in writing to Student Conduct Services. This may be done via mail, email, or in person. Once the request has been received, a copy will be made available to the student within 45 days. Alternatively, based on the totality of circumstances including the sensitive nature of the allegations or information, the request for copies may be granted or denied at the Hearing Officer’s discretion. If the request for copies is denied, the information may be reviewed at the Student Resolution Center.

Request for Copy of Student Conduct Record Form