February 8, 2016

Party Partners

This 2 hour class is co-facilitated by SRC, Off-Campus Life, and Fort Collins Police Services for students who have been cited for noise or nuisance gathering violations.  

Participants get to share their experiences and learn about local laws and ordinances.  You’ll also get tips on how to host responsible parties, avoid repeat offenses, and build positive relationships with neighbors.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions to clear up any confusion or uncertainty you have around party-related offenses.

98% of previous workshop attendees stated that they better understand the impact their parties and noise have on their neighborhood and community.

**Please do not miss an academic class in order to take this workshop.  If the workshop times interfere with your class schedule, please call the Student Resolution Center for assistance. **

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Fort Collins City Party Partners Classes
$20 Fee

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*City classes hosted by FCPS only*