Fake ID
What it is:  A virtual workshop for students and community members who have been cited or referred for using a fake ID or distributing their ID to underage persons. The class includes information about the laws regarding fake IDs and videos of community members discussing their experiences and perspectives of fake ID usage.
Purpose:  You will learn about fake ID laws and their corresponding fines and penalties. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the impact of these offenses on themselves, other individuals, and the larger community while also gaining information about local ordinances and enforcement practices that are in effect to curb future offenses.

To complete this workshop and receive your certificate please complete the following steps.


  1. Carefully review the Fake ID Impact Class presentation materials included on this page below.
  2. Read through the content and watch all video clips included in the presentation.
  3. Complete the competency assessment. In order to pass and receive your Certificate of Completion, you must answer 7 out of 8 questions correctly. Any questions left blank will not receive credit.
  4. FINAL STEP: Once you have completed the assessment, please email the SRC at srcenter@colostate.edu to notify a member of our staff that you have completed the assessment. You will want to include your CSU ID number in your email in addition to the workshop title. The staff member will then follow up with you through your CSU e-mail account notifying you of whether you passed the assessment or need to retake the class.  Participants who successfully pass the assessment will receive an attached Certificate of Completion.  PLEASE NOTE that our office can only process your assessment between the hours of 8 am-5pm Monday-Friday. Once our office is notified your assessment should be processed within three business days so please keep that timeline in mind.

On Sharing Your Certificate of Completion:

If you were mandated by Court to attend the Fake ID Impact Class, bring the certificate to Court to indicate that you successfully completed the class.

If you are not a student at CSU, please complete the presentation and assessment exactly how it is described above. Once you have completed the assessment, please email the SRC at srcenter@colostate.edu to request your certificate of completion.