Community Violations

Community Violations Class

This online workshop is presented in partnership by the SRC and Fort Collins Police Services for students who have been cited or referred for violations occurring in the Fort Collins community. The material includes helpful facts about common violations, local laws and ordinances, and their corresponding fines and penalties.

You will learn what behaviors result in criminal citations such as criminal mischief, trespass, disposing of bodily waste, disorderly conduct, obstruction, etc., as well as their corresponding fines and penalties. Students will gain a greater understanding of the impact of these offenses on the larger community, and learn about local ordinances and enforcement practices that are in effect to curb future offenses.

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**Until the Fall 2021 semester, we are only offering a self-paced version of this workshop in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Please review the workshop materials below, and complete the assessment here. Please email to notify our staff that you have completed your assessment. Our team will send you a completion certificate and update your student conduct case. Completion certificates and case updates will occur during our 8 am-5 pm (MST) operating hours Monday-Friday. Please contact our office at 970-491-7165 if you have any issues accessing the self-paced workshop material or the assessment.**