The Student Conduct Code exists to notify students, faculty, and staff of the specific expectations Colorado State University holds related to student behavior and the rights and responsibilities that accompany being a student and participating in student organizations.

Colorado State University expects students to maintain standards of personal integrity in harmony with its educational goals; to be responsible for their actions; to observe national, state, local laws, and University regulations; and to respect the rights, privileges, and property of other people.

The student conduct process is intended to be a learning experience which can yield growth, behavioral changes, and personal understanding of one’s responsibilities and the consequences and impacts of one’s actions. This process balances the needs and rights of students with the needs and expectations of the University and larger community. The student conduct process offers a continuum of responses to allegations of misconduct. Students are treated with care and respect while being afforded the opportunity to receive a fair hearing. Many sanctions and interventions are designed to be educational and restorative in nature, promoting the University’s mission.

The Student Conduct Code defines University intervention, resolution options and possible disciplinary action related to the behavior of both individual students and student organizations.