February 23, 2016

Victim Support

Victim Support

The University is committed to providing appropriate support and referrals to persons who have been the victims of crimes or violations of the Student Conduct Code.  A victim of another person’s unlawful or prohibited actions may seek personal support, explore options, and report the incident.

Confidential services are available through the Women and Gender Advocacy CenterVictim Assistance TeamUniversity Counseling Center, CSU Health Network, and Student Legal Services. Other University agencies may be required by law and University policy to take appropriate action when notified.

Victims may receive assistance from other appropriate University resources, such as relocation within or to campus housing; academic support services; notification of appropriate persons/agencies; and at the victim’s request, University cooperation in using University procedures to deter harassment or retribution.

Students are encouraged to report complaints of: (Title IX requirement)

Sexual Misconduct Reporting Exemption: The University encourages reporting of sexual misconduct by the impacted party or others who are aware of sexual misconduct incidents. To encourage reporting, it is the practice of SRC to not charge reporting parties for other, lesser violations of this Student Conduct Code that may be related to the sexual misconduct incident. For example, a student who may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of experiencing or witnessing a sexual misconduct incident will not be charged with drug or alcohol violations under this code.


In situations involving both a Respondent student(s) or group or organization and when a student claims to be the victim of another student’s or student organizations conduct, the incident record is considered an education record of each party. This provision allows for alleged victims/complainants to participate in the hearing process and be informed of the determination and sanctions imposed, if any. If the alleged victim is deceased as a result of the conduct, the next of kin of such victim may be treated as the alleged victim with regard to requests for information. The victim may ask to be informed (to the extent permitted by law) of the impending return of the Respondent student to campus, if the Respondent met all conditions of the suspension while the victim remains a student.