February 23, 2016

Interim Suspensions

Interim Suspensions

When serious charges are filed against a student, whether criminal, civil, or conduct, the Hearing Officers may temporarily suspend the student from the University and/or residence halls until those charges are resolved.

Interim Residential Suspension:

The student is suspended from residing, dining, or being around University residence halls until the charges are resolved. The student does not lose other University privileges and may attend classes. If the student is under 21, the Director of Residence Life notifies the student’s parents of the interim residential suspension. The student must arrange for off-campus housing at his/her own expense.

Interim University Suspension:

The student is denied access to campus, classes, and University activities and privileges until the charges are resolved.

These conditions may warrant interim suspension:

  1. To ensure the safety and well-being of University members or residential communities
  2. To ensure the student’s own safety and well-being
  3. To preserve University property
  4. To prevent disruption or interference with normal University operations

The student is notified in writing of the terms of the Interim Suspension and the reasons for this action.  The student may request a meeting to show cause why his or her continued presence on the campus does not constitute a threat. If the student requests a meeting regarding the Interim Suspension, the Hearing Officer prior to making a decision, may consult with appropriate University officials, including but not limited to the CSU Police Department or other security personnel.

The Interim Suspension does not replace the regular process, up to and through a University Hearing, if required.