February 23, 2016

Discipline Record Individual

Discipline Record - Individuals

The Student Resolution Center maintains student disciplinary records keeping with the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), subsequent amendments, and implementation guidelines. These records are maintained for seven years from the date of the last disciplinary decision, if the student is no longer enrolled at the University. All disciplinary records are destroyed after this period, except in cases of expulsion. Information regarding a student’s disciplinary record is available to University members or offices with a “demonstrated need to know.” Disclosure of disciplinary records to others generally requires a written release from the student.

Notations of disciplinary action on the student’s transcript will be made only by the Student Resolution Center. Disciplinary expulsion will be permanently noted on the academic transcript and cannot be removed. Disciplinary suspension is noted on the transcript during the period of suspension and/or until the conditions for re-admission have been met. In the case of suspension, when the conditions for re-admission have been met, the student may petition for admissions clearance and/or removal of the notation whether or not the student intends to return to Colorado State University. If the petition is denied the student may appeal the decision to the University Discipline Panel. The “AM” notation by a course grade as a result of academic misconduct may only be added to the transcript with agreement of both the course instructor and a Hearing Officer. That negative notation is generally permanent.  A transcript hold may be placed by the Director (or designee) to prevent release of an official transcript while serious disciplinary charges are pending.

Should a student wish a copy of the record, a request must be submitted in writing to the Student Resolution Center. This may be done via FAX, mail, or in person. Once the request has been received, a copy will be made available to the student after three business days. Alternatively, based on the totality of circumstances including the sensitive nature of the allegations or information, the request for copies may be granted or denied at the Hearing Officer’s discretion. If the request for copies is denied, the information may be reviewed at the Student Resolution Center.