March 4, 2016

Conflict FAQs

Will my visit at Conflict Resolution Services be kept confidential?

In most circumstances your visit will be kept confidential. Exceptions under the law include a court order, imminent danger to yourself and others, child abuse, and discrimination. These must be reported to the Office of Equal Opportunity and/or another appropriate authority. If your situation does not involve any of these circumstances, then all contacts, records, and communications will be kept confidential at Conflict Resolution Services.

If you would prefer full confidentiality privileges, please contact the CSU Health Network,Women and Gender Advocacy Center, or Student Legal Services.

As a student, if I have a discipline record, will Conflict Resolution Services look at it?

No. Conflict Resolution Services will only look at discipline records with your consent or when a demonstrated need to know exists according to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines.

I’m a faculty member. Are your services available to me?

Yes, if your conflict is with a student. Conflict Resolution Services are available to current students and to faculty and staff who want assistance with an issue involving a student.

Can I get legal advice from Conflict Resolution Services?

No. Conflict Resolution Services advises people of their options but does not provide legal advice. Visit Student Legal Services in 284 Lory Student Center.

Is there a charge for your services?

No. Conflict Resolution Services is funded by student fees.