February 12, 2016

Conduct FAQs

Why is there a SRC hold on my account?

If you do not complete an assigned disciplinary sanction by the deadline stated in your outcome letter, a registration hold is placed to remind you to complete it.

I completed my sanctions. Why is there still a hold on my account?

Your outcome letter states what specific documentation is required for your sanction to be considered complete. If you have not provided that specific documentation (an advisor’s signed business card, or an email of completion for an online tutorial, for example) your sanction is considered incomplete.

What is a registration hold?

A registration hold prevents any changes to your class schedule. You may not add or drop classes while the hold is in effect. It does not change any classes for which you are currently scheduled. It does not prevent you from graduating or receiving your diploma or transcripts. If you leave or graduate from CSU with a registration hold in effect, and choose to re-apply, you must meet with SRC before your application will be considered.

Why was my roommate (or someone else associated with my case) given a different sanction

Each student is unique, and we consider each student’s situation individually, on its own merits. We will not discuss your roommate’s case with you, since that would violate his, her or their privacy.

Why do I have to pay a fee for one of my sanctions?

Although there is no additional charge for many of our sanctions, certain DAY Programs include an administrative fee to defray the costs of intensive staff time, services, and support. (Fees for similar services available off-campus are considerably higher.) Your hearing officer chose that sanction as the most relevant to your situation.

Can I graduate on Disciplinary Probation?