January 26, 2016

Conduct Services

Percent of 2014-2015 students who...

Strongly agreed or agreed they were treated with respect.

Strongly agreed or agreed the conduct staff was concerned with their personal and academic success.

Strongly agreed or agreed that the conduct process was fair.

Students gather at the Lory Student Center to listen to speakers and for discussion during Business Day at Colorado State University on April 16, 2015.

Report an Incident

If you believe a student is in violation of the Student Conduct Code, file an Incident Report.

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Student Conduct Code

Learn the code of conduct for CSU students.    To explore the Conduct Code by sections, click the button below.  For a the full Conduct Code in PDF, please click here.

Hearing Letter


If a student is alleged to have violated the Student Conduct Code, they will have a one-on-one meeting with a hearing officer to determine responsibility.  The hearing officer’s decision is based on preponderance of evidence.

Outcome Letter


After a hearing, a student will receive an outcome letter with a determination of “responsible” or “not responsible.”  If a student is found responsible, this letter will also outline any educational sanctions that must be completed.

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If found responsible for a code violation, a student will be assigned a discipline level and may receive educational sanctions.

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Conduct Appeals

A student may appeal their hearing decision within 7 business days of the outcome letter being sent.

Academic Integrity

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Report Academic Misconduct

After discussing the situation with the student(s), if you believe there is a case of academic misconduct, please click the button below.


Pre-Admission Review

Some applicants to CSU have a criminal or disciplinary history. We require those applicants to tell us about those events before we consider admitting them to CSU

All University Hearing Board (AUHB)

Are you in an organization that is facing a conduct hearing?  Learn more about the Hearing Process for Organizations.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Student Resolution Center at 970-491-7165 or SRCenter@Colostate.edu